Who Looks Good in a Thumb Ring

Who Looks Good In A Thumb Ring?


The answer is, everyone! Men, women, children, we all look good sporting a thumb ring and we have a wide range of them in stock in our jewellery shop. Thumb rings are back in vogue, no longer are they resigned only to the hands of rockers and Goths, we reclaim them.


We use 925 sterling silver and copper for our thumb ring range. Not all rings in our collection are described as a 'thumb ring' because we know you like to wear them on other fingers also, but really you can make any ring a thumb ring if you choose to.


Chunky rings in particular tend to look good on a thumb, but thinner delicate bands also look good as a thumb ring, and can look more stylish on those with delicate small fingers.


Copper thumb ring

A copper thumb ring - popular with arthritis sufferers, as some claim it work wonders.

Celebrities seen out and about sporting a dainty thumb ring include Meghan Markle and Posh Spice (will she ever live that name down?).

According to Hello Magazine, the dainty thumb ring is well and truly back in style and represents drive and power. They go on to mention being 'under the thumb' and I guess when it comes to power, your thumb is more powerful than the other fingers. Thumb war anyone?

In a dose of pure celebrity insanity, there is even a video report of a gold crescent moon thumb ring that Meghan Markle wore recently. Yep, an entire ten minute long video about the meaning behind the fashion accessory. This is beyond celebrity worship, it's nuts.


Is it for gay people?

There are seriously people on the Internet asking if a thumb ring is a 'gay thing'. If it was, would that be a problem if someone thought you were gay? It shouldn't be a problem, who cares if someone thinks you're gay, because like you know, being gay isn't shameful or a crime.

I guess we don't like to accidentally signify being something we aren't, but really people need to find better things to worry about than whether their jewellery is a gay beacon.


The original poster of this question goes down in a flame of roasts, and one respondent snarks “You're stupid for even asking”.

The history of the thumb ring


Historically thumb rings seem to originate from hunting, in that they were commonly used by archers. Thumb rings are used in archery for something called a Mongolian Draw, a common practice in Asian archery.

When related to archery a thumb ring is a piece of sporting equipment that aims to protect the thumb as the archer draws.


It can be made of any material, leather, stone, wood, bone and more, and while specialised rings are available, apparently any thumb ring can be suitable.


Throughout history rings worn on the thumb have been seen as a symbol of power and influence and there are many examples in paintings of this practice.


Rank and status was often displayed through jewelry and the bigger and more ornate your thumb ring, the more of a statement you made. Indeed today thumb rings are often viewed as a statement ring, and the link is historical.


Check out some of our gorgeous rings below, you can wear any of these as a thumb ring.

Thumb ring
Thumb ring
Sterling silver cuff thumb ring
Egyptian vibe sterling silver thumb ring