Toe Rings For Women That You Will Love

The earliest mention in history of toe rings for women originates in India many centuries ago, where they were typically worn by married women and brides. This tradition is not completely out of practice even today.


Wearing two rings on the same foot implied that the woman was married, especially if there are two matching rings on the same toe. The matching toe rings placement would often be on the second toe of the left foot for a Hindu woman.


In Hindi a toe ring is called a bichiya (prounounced bee-chee-ya).


In India today, toe rings are still often awarded symbolic significance (though this symbolism is diminishing), but in the west toe rings for women are nearly always worn just as a fashion accessory.


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Why Were Toe Rings For Women In India Historically Worn By Married Women?


There were several reasons why toe rings were worn on the second toe of brides and married women, many based around the fact that the second toe contains important pressure points.


It was believed that wearing a ring on the second toe would provide the woman with a sensual effect, and that massaging the second toe by wearing jewellery in that location can treat any menstrual issues along with maintain a healthy and balanced reproductive system.


For those that wore silver rings, it was believed that silver is a good conductor and that the metal would absorb energy from the earth and pass it onto the body, providing it with nourishment.


    It should be noted that copper as a metal, is also an excellent conductor, and some believe it can help to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.


    Adjustable or Fitted Toe Rings?


    Most toe rings available for sale are adjustable, for good reason. We can't even actually fathom how anyone can wear a non adjustable toe ring to be honest.


    If you've ever attempted to put on a toe ring you'll notice that the tips of your toes are quite a bit fatter than where the toe ring will actually sit just below that.


    Hence if a non adjustable toe ring gets over your toe tip, it's going to be too lose to grip the middle of your toe comfortably. It might even be painfully large and dig into the sides of the other toes next to it.


    You need to be able to slide it over the fatter tip of your toe and then squeeze it a tad smaller once it gets over the tip so that it's a closer fit.


    Our advice – don't buy toe rings that aren't adjustable. All toe rings at are adjustable.



    Toe Rings For Women With Arthritis


    Copper rings are very popular with arthritis suffers, and knowing that arthritis can strike in the feet as well as the hands, we stock copper toe rings in three different styles currently but are likely to keep adding to our copper toe ring range.


    Arthritis is condition that causes swelling and stiffness in joints as well as severe pain, for that reason people who suffer from this condition also tend to favour adjustable rings because it's common for the condition to cause knuckle swelling.


    The official stance of the Arthritis Foundation on copper and arthritis, is that copper has no beneficial effect on arthritis.


    Studies have confirmed that these treatments are not effective in alleviating pain and yet people continue to buy copper rings for arthritis pain and we've had many reviews commenting that our copper rings have helped.


    A placebo effect perhaps? Well that is still a beneficial effect, even if purely psychological and at the very least that person still has an attractive ring that can be adjusted over swollen joints.


    Toe Ring Safety and Comfort


    All of our toe rings are simple and understated, without gemstones or dangly bits, and any that have a decorative motif, that motif does not protrude much from the ring surface.


    There is a very obvious reason for this and that is comfort. A foot (unlike rings worn on your hand) often goes into a shoe or at least a sandal and large protrusions from the ring can be painful at best, and dangerous at worst - if they catch on something inside your shoe for instance.



    Toe Rings For Men?!


    Not many men wear toe rings, but some do. There isn't any reason why men shouldn't wear toe rings. In India historically toe rings were worn by men on the big toe as a symbol of masculinity, and strength.


    A man can wear a toe ring on any toe however as a fashion statement and there is no reason why this isn't a good look for a man about town (or the beach more likely).


    Men probably shy away from toe rings for two reasons.


    1. Does this seem a bit feminine? Don't be silly. If you're worried about it buy a cuff toe ring, these do have somewhat a chunkier more masculine vibe to them. We offer cuff toe rings in both sterling silver and copper.


    2. My feet are poorly groomed. So do something about it, go and get a professional pedicure, or do your own. If you can reach that is … chortle.


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