We care about the environment at Taylor Two and do our best where practical and possible to choose environmentally friendly options in all that we do.



We use recycled cardboard kraft boxes for all of our jewellery gift boxes. Any 'plastic' you receive is not plastic, it's cellulose, which is plant based and biodegradable. Sometimes we pop in a complimentary silver polishing cloth, and seal it in a cellulose wrapper.

Product Materials


We like to use sustainable product materials for some of our products and this sometimes includes making use of metals like copper.


Pure copper is the third most recycled metal after iron and aluminium; and in excess of 80% of the copper mined since it was first discovered in 9000 BC is still in use today - therefore as a jewellery component it offers bonus points for being eco friendly.



We Need To Talk About Bubble Wrap


The vast majority of our products are posted out in Large Letter size recyclable cardboard boxes.


Sometimes we rarely need to use padded envelolopes, and these are 100% paper padded envelopes containing no plastic bubble material.


Our envelopes are 100% recyclable, with an outer layer of tough Kraft paper and a padded lining that is 100% recycled paper fibres. Our envelopes offer a high level of postal protection for your purchase, while protecting the environment at the same time.


One of the major issues with paper envelopes that are padded with plastic bubbles, is that they cannot be recycled together due to the mixed materials - you would need to seperate the plastic from the paper before adding them to their respective recycling bins.


Using paper padded envelopes eliminates this issue for you, they can go straight into your paper recycling as they are ...  and are 100% biodegradable.


Better yet - it would be great if you could hang onto your padded envelope and re use it before it (hopefully) ends it's life in a recyling bin.


These envelopes could also be shredded and added to a compost pile.

Eco friendly packaging with Jiffy Green

Allotment Life


This has nothing to do with packaging but as an environmentally concerned individual we just know you'd love a look at our mini allotment, my the broad beans have grown big this year!


In the right hand photo you can see our strawberry pots - we've repurposed plastic milk bottles (cut in half) to create the containers for these. Our newest member to join the allotment is the basil showing at the end of the Strawberry row ... perfect for homemade pizza.

Our allotment; sustainable living
Our garden allotment

Above we are growing coriander, cabbage, lettuce and spinach. 

Courgettes on the mini allotment

Woah, look at that! We're pretty proud of our courgettes!

Eco Friendly Energy


The workshop and office for Taylor Two is powered by eco friendly energy supplier Bulb; who have sustainabilty at the heart of their operations.


Bulb supply 100% renewable electricity from a mixture of generation types including wind, solar and hydro.


Read more about Bulb's eco energy efforts.



Eco Friendly Business Owner


And for the energy required to hand make all of the jewellery you can purchase here at Taylor Two, well that is powered by Vegan. Owner maker Amanda has chosen a vegan lifestyle to assist in being a counterbalance to the over grazing of land and excessive human consumption of meat and fish on the planet.


Amanda follows the principles of Refuse, Reduce and Reuse to contribute towards her highly low impact existance. Up and coming plans are to run Taylor Two as a fully off grid self sustainable business in 2022. Get in touch with Amanda 



Low Impact Resources


We highly recommend reading an excellent and incredbility informative regular publication called The Land, available to buy online at

Below is a photo of their recent release that we've been reading.

The Land Magazine, all about land rights and sustainability