You're Wearing Your Jewellery Wrong And How To Fix It

Blimey, I just found out that there are etiquette rules for wearing jewellery. It's a thing, it exists. I spotted these jewellery rules over at posh birds friend Tatler (of course) but it's pretty fascinating stuff.


I mean I'm never one to subscribe to 'rules' personally and am quite the liberal lefty hippie sort, however I do admit that I tend to wince when I see anyone holding their knife like a pen and therefore perhaps I'm more uptight than I like to imagine.


Some of the barmy jewellery wearing rules;

1. Diamonds after dusk only.

According to Tatler, one must only frost oneself after dusk. What about our engagement rings Tatler? What about those? Huh HUH?


Oh wait, it's ok engagement rings are exempt apparently, so what they're saying is don't drag queen yourself up like Madonna in the Material Girl video in the middle of the day, it's not cool.


PS: 'Frost'? Love it.

2. No Middle Finger Rings

Apparently this is the height of tacky. They even reference The Duchess of Cambridge as committing this heneous crime 'before getting married' to Prince William.


As she's apparently not done it again since, they've clearly managed to slap the council estate chic out of that girl.


I distinctly remember wearing a middle finger ring a few years ago. It was a diamond ring but  but I only wore it after dusk and so at least I didn't commit two jewellery wearing faux pas in one sitting. 



3. The Elegance Of Discretion

You will be viewed as the epitome of elegance if when asked you feign no knowledge of the carat size of your diamond jewellery.


Something about not bragging? I think they're saying don't flash your wallet around, people will cringe.



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