Why Men Hate Gift Shopping

It may be considered a sexist statement by many, but men typically hate gift shopping and shopping in general, unless it's food shopping maybe ... to line their greedy little man bellies. I can understand why they don't enjoy shopping for gifts and fashion because I'm definitely not your typical female, I hate it too.


It's not sexist to suggest that most women love shopping and dedicate many hours of their lives to the mecca of retail therapy, especially fashion, accessories, beauty products. Why don't men feel likewise on the whole?


For myself it's the time consuming nature of it all. When it comes to gift giving you don't want to waste your money and so you're keen to ensure you find a gift that the recipient will geniunely enjoy and that you can also afford - these two needs then clash together in a shopping battle that is neither fun or therapy, it's just tedious and time consuming.


Online gift shopping has certainly made gift giving a lot easier, because it's quicker. You save time trundling to the actual shops and can just quickly order from the comfort of your home. You still don't evade the endless search for the perfect gift but at least you avoid the time spent getting to the shops and back.


In addition, with online shopping my experience has been that due to access to a wide range of independant designer makers our access to unique and interesting gifts has vastly improved of recent years. No longer do we have to get our father in law a rubbish gift set from Boots because that's the best thing we could find on the High Street.


According to flimsy research many men are getting more on board with seeking out and enjoying the shopping experience. I expect it's around about the same time they decided to shape their eyebrows and wax their chests. Like women they've become more invested in what they look like and that can only lead to a greater interest in purchasing the tools to maintain those visuals.  Now we have the beard/snake oil salesman.


Not too many decades ago, matching socks and combed hair was probably about the interest level of the average male in fashion and beauty.


Regardless of the renewed interest, the average male is still decades behind the average female in his love of shopping and this can lead to the dreaded procrastination monster ... that thing you do when you keep putting off buying your mums birthday present and suddenly it's less than a week away and you have no idea what to get her and have ran out of time to organise it all.


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