We've Gone All David Bowie

We've gone all David Bowie


Well, not strictly true, we've always been a bit David Bowie. Regardless of which collections we have on offer at a given time, Bowie always seems to make some sort of appearance in there.


So what Bowie goodies do we have on offer right now? 


The Astral Sphere

Recently I decided that David Bowie's circle forehead thingy wasn't getting enough love. That's the gold circle on his head from his Ziggy Stardust days. 


When you look at the various Bowie-related product offerings accross the world wide web, largely it's all lightning bolts only, but what about that gold circle thing on his head that no one seems interested in?


After research it turns out that it's called an 'astral sphere', pretty cool eh? I decided it needed some attention because I love all things celestial, and so combined it with his iconic lightning bolt to create this piece I call 'Ziggy Vibes'. 


David Bowie Jewellery

And if you happen to be gifting it to someone, we insert this handy Ziggy Vibes card into the gift box so that they have an understanding what it is you're presenting to them.

David Bowie Necklace

Who Is Ziggy Stardust?


Ziggy Stardust is an androgynous fictional character created by David Bowie. Bowie performed as this alter ego during 1972 and 1973, and the character was immortablised in the song Ziggy Stardust and album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.


Ziggy Stardust continued to feature in his next album (Aladdin Sane, 1973), which was described as Ziggy Goes To America. Ziggy was fairly shorlived as alter egos go, and was retired in July 1973, dying as a victim of his own fame and associated excess.


Despite David Bowie producing many amazing artistic works since 1972, Ziggy Stardust's glam rock style and over the top fashion, is still David Bowies most remembered and celebrated character today.

Labyrinth Movie

One of our decidedly more original and unique David Bowie jewellery pieces is our popular Labyrinth movie necklace; with this we've taken the lyrics from When The World Falls Down and intepreted them into a physical entity through this romantic pendant necklace.


Created entirely by hand using copper and sterling silver, you can buy this online at Taylor Two in our necklaces collection.

Labyrinth Movie Necklace David Bowie


"There's such a fooled heart 
Beatin' so fast 
In search of new dreams 
A love that will last 
Within your heart 
I'll place the moon 
Within your heart" 


David Bowie Necklace Pendant

Ziggy Ligntning Bolts

And for shame, we also have some more lightning bolts for your pleasure!

But personally we believe these are rather original lightning bolts; handmade today from copper, and we love the beauty of their patina. You can also buy these online in our jewellery shop.