Video View Of Handmade Jewellery

Video View Of Handmade Jewellery


I'm all excited because today I thought I'd create a video viewing of one of our hand made pieces of jewellery, and selected the Birds Nest Nature Necklace from our handmade jewellery collection.


I picked this jewellery piece because it's one of my favourites, and while it's well reflected in photography I hear that viewers and indeed buyers are hungry for video! I can understand the logo in this because no matter how many angles you take a photo at, it's difficult to create an all encompassing view of the item from every single angle.

Though I'm largely happy with this as a first effort, there are improvements to be made, namely with lighting.


Unfortunately you don't get the lighting controls with video that you do with a photo using a DSLR camera. Now, I am either wrong about that and need to try harder to find these mythical video lighting controls on my DSLR, or I need to work on blasting in my own extra lighting during the video shooting session.


According to Shop Factory if pictures are worth a thousand words, a video is more like a novel and can vastly increase sales conversions, they've written 7 Tips To Creating Better Product Videos.