Video Of Pretty Woman Movie Mug

Pretty woman is the most adorable movie and so I couldn't resist creating an illustrated Pretty Woman mug design based around it's central character; Vivian.  Pretty Woman is  a fairlytale, and we can't get enough of fairytales - when the world around us is less than perfect, it's essential to be able to escape to somewhere more pleasant.


What's so original about this particular fairytale movie is that they combine the potentially tasteless viewing matter of prostitution with a sugary sweet fairytale love story and make it vaguely believable. Quite the accomplishment.


Below is a photo of our Pretty Woman fairytale coffee mug in which I've used Vivian's iconic movie quote "I want the fairytale." Also I've created a brief stop motion video of the mug for you to enjoy, using flowers from my very own garden.


We have decided to discontinue our mug collection and so this mug is no longer in stock, but we do offer this design on a badge and a handbag mirror.

Pretty Woman Movie Mug