Top Five Sexy Valentines Ideas In Detail


We suspect that you're a sexy lot because last year just before Valentines Day we sold quite a number of our sultry and sexy 007 Bond Valentines card, shown directly below.


The card illustration is unique and original to Taylor Two as are all our illustration led products, and was inspired by a scene in 2015 Bond movie; Spectre, in which bond girl Lucia Sciarra fratenises with Daniel Craig.


We think this greeting card oozes sex appeal and so should your Valentines Day celebration with your significant other.

Sexy Valentines Card

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Top 5 Ideas For A Sexy Valentines Day



1. Shop sexy


Take a trip out to the sexy shops, follow it up with an early evening meal before the Valentines crowds descend and then off home to enjoy the spoils of your trip.


In terms of WHICH shops, I'm not just referencing Ann Summers, Agent Provocateur et al. Instead think beyond those standard parameters only and consider that you could for instance be doing things like collecting gorgeous spa products for a steamy bath together, perhaps picking up Proscesso for it too.


We tend to buy these things seperately to surprise each other with, but why not make it part of your Valentines date to shop for these type of things to enjoy together?



2. Be different


Long term relationships can be challenging and often as the years slide by Valentines day becomes a bit of a platonic event because neither party can be bothered to attempt to be 'sexy' with each other when they're quite frankly a bit bored of each other.


It often descends into a meal and a movie and some cuddles, that's cool too but this blog is about being sexy so lets motivate your partner to want to rip your clothes off.


So this Valentines day instead of switching up the activity itself to something new and exciting, you could instead focus more on switching up 'yourself'. Why not be 'different' and reignite some fire with the illusion of a new partner.


If you usually wear your hair down, wear it up ... if you normally wear dresses, put on trousers. Change your scent, dye your hair a wildly different colour (if feeling that daring!), cut a fringe in, or cut if off entirely even - how daring do you feel this year?


For men, changing their look can be somewhat more challenging but if you think about it, you're probably in a fashion rut just like most people are ... try out a completely and utterly different style for the evening. Bonus points for looking nothing like you usually do.


The thing here, is to just surprise the hell out of your partner for the day.



3. Tent date


Now you could go out in an actual tent but that would be too chilly for most people in February, even for the die hard campers like me. Certainly not exactly conducive to a 'sexy' date that's for sure.


I'm talking about an indoor tent, and I'm still not recommending that you pop up your fugly nylon festival tent in the middle of the living room floor.


I'm thinking more along the lines of an exotic Marrakech / desert nomad style bohemian tent. You don't need fancy rugs and wall hangings (though a fluffy fake animal fur slung on the floor certainly wouldn't hurt) all you need is a bit of creativity. I'm sure Pinterest can help to inspire you.


Utilise what is around you and buy some small affordable extras if necessary. Think plain sheets secured onto tall garden centre bamboo poles ... fairy lights, handmade paper lanterns or ornanents strung up high, luxurious cosy bedding and pretty throw cushions below, and a tiny table to stop that processo and nibbles from tipping over.


A bedouin tent would be a fantastic way of surprising your partner as they arrive home from work. Bonus point for being butt naked in the tent.


What will we be doing in this cool indoor tent you ask? I'll leave that up to you.


Or shall I help you out a bit? Massages with luxury oils, cuddles, movies, ice cream, Lawrence of Arabia fantasies even .. lol ... 


4. Book a room


Book a room in your city. This isn't about travelling, this is about fantasy and indulgence.


With the money and time you save on travel, invest this into fabulous Champagne on ice, a room with a low window cityscape view, and the very best lounge wear (or lingerie) you can afford. If you can't afford the room service after forking out for the room itself, pick up M&S's best nibbles and try not to let the rustle of plastic bags ruin your indulgent fantasy.


Make the most out of the room by being sure to soak in a candlelit bubble bath together before relaxing in front of the view with your champers.


Who isn't going to feel sexy surrounded by indulgence, city lights and your favourite person in the world? But if you end up bypassing the sexy bit and just find yourselves watching a movie on luxury sheets scoffing M&S's finest chocolates, well that's fine too :D


Personally I recommend an airing of Pretty Woman. Bonus points awarded for donning a cheap blonde wig.


 Scroll down for the final idea!


5. Burlesque


Don't worry, I'm not asking you to swirl around the living room in your panties, trying to effortlessly remove your stockings without stumbling. Unless you want to that is.


I'm referencing the art of burlesque and it's growth of recent years. Dancing creatively to music while removing your clothing basically, but way more than that and certainly nothing like stripping.


Burlesque is sexy, it's fun and it's creatively inspiring as most performers go to great lengths to be original and interesting. Ticket prices are often incredibly reasonable for the standard of the show and you'll have never had so much fun.


Though they of course aim to somewhat titilate with an array of beautiful costumes and sultry performances (making a perfect sexy Valentines date), I've found most burlesque performances tend to lean towards amusing, cheeky and fun more than anything else.


The more serious performances are often beautiful and classical. If you've never been to a burlesque show you don't know what you're missing out on.


Where to find a show? Check out my handy links below.


London - The House of Burlesque Lock In 

London - Burlesque and Caberet

London - Gin House Burlesque

Torquay - Valentines Burlesque Show

Edinburgh - The Twilight Tease


Use Google to find a show in your own local area, or travel as part of your Valentines plans. In fact, you could make a weekend away of it.