Top Five Mystical Gift Shops

You don't have to be a witch, warlock or soothsayer to enjoy mystical gifts. 


We all love a bit of mystical, the success of the Twilight movie saga tells us that along with the runaway successes that have been the relatively recent TV show Supernatural, and retro classic TV series Buffy the Vampire slayer.


So why not treat someone to a unique unusual mystical or occult gift? You don't have to be heavily 'into' the occult to enjoy it and appreciate a unique gift in this theme and I will wager that it has not occured to you to go directly to mystical gift shops for your mystical shopping.


Even non mystical shops can understand the allure of the mystical world, indeed we too stock a mystical item or two, or three. We have our Witch necklace for instance, shown below.

Witch Necklace Sterling Silver Occult Jewellery

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So I give you my top five list of the best mystical and occult gift shops to find unique gifts from. 



1. The Modern Mystic Shop


This Atlanta, USA based operation has a real world shop (below) as well as an online shop, and the real world shop looks just as amazing as the website. Typically mystical and occult websites can be rather old fashioned and dare I say it 'tacky', but this one is graceful, modern minimalist, quite a treat for ... yes ... modern mystic fans.


With a wide range of very high quality products spanning jewellery, crystals, apothecary and more, you can also schedule tarot readings and attend events in store. This shop is rammed full of beautiful mystical and occult gift wares, you won't find it difficult to find something for your recipient.

2.  The Zen Shop


Another gift shop with a real world shop, but this time in good old blighty (England), and so you can either visit The Zen Shop at it's location in Birmingham, or you can enjoy some online retail therapy with them.


The Zen Shop stock crystals, tarot card decks, ornaments, jewellery, essential oils, and magic supplies. That's just a small sample, as they have quite an extensive range.


They have some really nice products, my favourite of which are their range of gorgeous meditation cushions, fabulously priced at only £15 each.

Zen Gift Shop Meditation Cushions

3. Moon Dragon Alternative Card Shop


Though Moon Dragon do stock some gifts such as jewellery and head garlands, their strength and bulk of stock really do lie in art prints and greeting cards.


A beautifully illustrated and wide range of celtic, pagan and other general mystical cards and prints are just a click away.



4. Every Witch Way


I love the name of this shop, sure it's tacky but it's so easy to remember and just rolls of the tongue. Every Witch Way stock an absolutely staggering array of spell ingredients, this is surely the go to shop for wiccas.


Outside of ingredients and such like for those heavily into pagan rituals, they do also stock a good range of gifts too. The shop is indeed enormous, a huge array of choices covering fairies, the green man, tarot and astrology.


As far as gifts are concerned if you dig around you will find many possibilities in there.



5. Disburbia


Disturbia is very cool subculture fashion shop, it's all about fashion and accessories with a cult, goth and pagan vibe to them, and they're all incredibly trendy. An enjoyable modern shop to browse through and lots of high quality gifts and fashion to choose from.


I've pulled together a montage below of some their most fabulous gifts.

Disbturbia Occult Gift Shop

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Evil Eye Necklace Handmade in Sterling Silver