The Properties Of Moonstone Jewelry

The Properties Of Moonstone Jewelry


Moonstone jewelry are fashion pieces which incorporate the semi precious stone, moonstone. Moonstones are popular due to the beautiful shimmery blue accent that shows when they're turned back and forth in the light, lending them a moon-like quality.


We're big fans of moonstone jewelry and stock a number of pieces, many of which sit in our Lunar Collection and include necklaces and earrings. We're fans of the moon in general, mythology too, and this is evident amid our greeting card and art print collections.

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Physical properties of moonstone jewelry

Valued by jewelry lovers for centuries, Moonstone is has always been popular. A June birthday stone, moonstone is widely available in smaller sizes, but the mining of larger size moonstones is far rarer.


While moonstone is relatively hard, it is only 6 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness and so take care if wearing it in rings for instance. It is possible to crack the stone if it's subjected to hard knocks or pressure.


If your heart is really set on owning a moonstone ring, select or commission a ring that has the stone set deep within the metal rather than protruding. Selecting a deeper setting will allow the metal to circle the encase the stone and offer protection against knocks.


Each moonstone is unique, because it is a naturally mined stone. While the stone used in your jewelry may have been machine cut after mining, it will still feature unique inflections and tones that vary from stone to stone.



Mystical properties of moonstone jewelry

As is common with all gemstones, moonstone has apparent mystical properties that influence mood and fortune. It is said that moonstone offers the owner the properties of calm, balance and peace.

Viewed as a tranquil gemstone, feminine in nature, moonstone radiates a healing energy that helps the wearer to let go of negative energy.

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Mining moonstones

The biggest providers of moonstone are Sri Lanka and India, but other sources include USA, Brazil and Australia.



Is opalite the same as moonstone?

Opalite can cause some confusion in the moonstone buying world, and that's because many sellers refer to it as 'opalite moonstone'.


Opalite isn't a real gemstone at all, it's a man-made type of glass, that is opaque like real moonstone but does not shimmer with blue accents as it turns.


Opalite does actually look quite different to real moonstone and gives off a yellowish glow when held against skin, that does not occur with natural moonstone.


As you can see below, opalite is very attractive for use in jewelry, but it's not moonstone, and the difference between them is quite noticeable.

Opalite jewelry