10 Simple Coffee Cocktail Recipes

Coffee cocktails anyone? Could anything be better than combining your love of coffee with your love of alcohol? ;)


But wait it gets even better, as I found out today that a recent study has revealed that drinking coffee can HALVE your risk of developing mouth and throat cancer. Apparently four cups of coffee a day is the key amount to cut your cancer risk in half, even for drinkers and smokers.


Tea does not have the same benefits I'm afraid tea drinkers.


Now given that I offer hip flasks AND coffee mugs in the Taylor Two shop, I think this information calls for a guide on the best coffee cocktails! :D


I've picked out the relatively simple recipes containing ingredients that shouldn't be too difficult to source because I'm personally not keen on recipes that require me to shop for a hour trying to find all the exotic ingredients before I can make it.


Of course I'm not recommending that you start swigging back four sugar and booze laden cocktails each and every day, but should you fancy combining those things together for a treat one day, here are some excellent recipes to try out.

1. Expresso Martini

45ml Kahlua.

30ml Vodka.

30ml Expresso.


Shake together with ice. 

You can buy Kahlua from Tesco, or from somewhere such as Uvinum.



2.  Bartender's Breakfast

40ml dark rum.

30ml coffee syrup (one part demerara sugar with an equal quantity of instant coffee).

10ml dark chocolate liqueur .


Shake together with ice and fine strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with a dash of nutmeg.



3.  Cafe Caribbean

30ml rum.

15ml amaretto.

Hot black coffee.

Whipped cream.

Shaved almonds.


Pour the rum and amaretto into a coffee cup or glass, fill with hot coffee, top with whipped cream and garnish with shaved almonds.



‚Äč4.  Flat White Martini

50ml of Baileys Irish cream.

(or perhaps Aldi's cheap but still lovely alternative!)

25ml vodka.

25ml espresso.


Shake all the ingredients together with ice cubes, strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a few sprinkles of ground coffee.



5. Chocolate Mocha Latte

55ml expresso.

110ml skimmed milk.

3 tablespoons of chocolate syrup.

55ml Kahlua.


Combine ingredients together with ice and stir.



6.  Mexican Coffee

30ml coffee liqueur.

30ml tequila.

1 cup of hot coffee.

Whipped cream.



Mix ingredients together, top with whipped cream and garnish with a cherry.



7.  Black Jack

30ml cognac.

30ml cherry brandy.

30ml cold coffee.


Shake together with ice and serve in a glass rimmed with sugar. 



8.  Bavarian Coffee

30ml peppermint schnapps.

30ml Kahlua

140ml hot coffee.

45ml whipped cream.

1 tsp sugar

Dark chocolate bar.


Combine the coffee schnapps and Kahlua in a cup and sweeten to taste with the sugar. Float the cream on top and sprinkle with grated chocolate.



9.  Tiki Coffee

30ml rum.

30ml spiced liqueur.

30ml pineapple juice.

30ml almond milk.

30ml chilled coffee.



Mix together and serve in a glass with grated nutmeg.



10.  Winter Warmer

100ml hot coffee.

30ml single cream.

30ml pumpkin spice syrup.

30ml tequila

Whipped cream.

Vanilla extract.


Mix together the single cream, pumpkin syrup and tequila. Add in a dash of vanilla (to your taste preference) and top with whipped cream and cinnamon powder.



Which Coffee Should I Use In My Cocktails?

The quality of the coffee used in your cocktail of course matters just as much as the other ingredients. 


Only use freshly brewed coffee, which can be hot or cold brewed depending on your preference.  Cold brewed coffee is created by pouring or mixing concentrated hot brewed coffee over ice to cool it and bring it to the correct dilution.