Taylor Two Launch on ASOS Marketplace

We've Launched On ASOS Marketplace!


We're excited to have launched our jewellery range on ASOS marketplace, and why are we delighted? We firmly believe that ASOS is THE best online destination for affordable fashion. Indeed we're avid shoppers there and have been for many years.


The most exciting aspect of our launch is that it forces us to up our game. In that ASOS marketplace demands that all products are photographed on models. It's actually easy enough to fudge through those rules by simply photographing all items in your hand, but when you're sitting amid serious players using models in a range of fabulous locations, if you're got an ounce of sense you'll up your game instead.


It's been beyond fun journeying into working with fashion models and below are some of the early results. We're working on sourcing a range of new models to ensure a varied and interesting look for shoppers, and ideally we'd like to have a stable of models that we work with regularly.


Just like ASOS (which is why we think we're such a great fit for them) our jewellery range is updated each and every month with new designs, as we endeavour to move as fast as the world of fashion needs us to.

ASOS Marketplace fashion model
ASOS Marketplace fashion model
ASOS Marketplace fashion model
Jewellery on ASOS from Taylor Two Boutique