Summer Summer Summertime Style

We've been suffering a heat wave here in blighty the last few weeks, I'm watering my vegetables at least once a day and forgot to pay attention to the lawn also until recently and so that more now resembles 'hay' than 'lawn'.


As Spring turns to Summer of course everyone becomes concerned with season suitable fashion and we had a flurry of toe ring purchasing for sure - prompting me to make even more toe rings! 

There are currently five different toe ring styles in store (see below) and so if you haven't got your beach feet fashion sorted out yet, visit my Rings Collection.

Toe Rings Collection Summer Footwear Fashion


I've also of late become quite consumed with the moon.


I've always loved it it seems all these balmy evenings outdoors have inspired what I'm calling The Lunar Collection (below). Visit the Lunar Collection in store and select from (currently) six moon related jewellery designs.

The Lunar Collection of Jewellery

Below I've showcased more of our jewellery designs that are perfect for summer style.

Click the images to visit our shop and view more photos of these handmade jewellery designs.

Sterling Silver Snake Thumb Ring
Rough raw quartz gemstone earrings with sterling silver
Sterling Silver Seaglass and Heart Necklace

This sterling silver necklace above features sea glass plucked by our own hands :) 

View more jewellery at Taylor Two Jewellery And Gift Shop