Sea Glass For Eco Friendly Jewellery

Sea Glass For Eco

Friendly Jewellery 


They say that one man's trash is another man's treasure, and that sentiment becomes more powerful with each passing day as we becoming increasingly concerned with the environment.


Glass in the sea starts it's life as 'trash' as the Americans call it (we call it rubbish over here in Blighty), but it can also become a beautiful sea glass necklace through some thoughtful repurposing. Brand new jewellery is lovely, and indeed you can use brand new materials, but that eco friendly element to a sea glass necklace really makes it an extra special jewellery piece.


Where to get sea glass?


Sadly the sea contains plenty of sea glass, and bin bags, plus other crud, but fortunately much of it washes up onto the shoreline and can be readily plucked off the beach and turned into something new. 


The next time you're strolling along a beach, take some time to check out the floor, if you look around you'll find small pieces of naturally sanded sea glass, much of it is actually incredibly beautiful; almost like semi precious stones.  Like this recently sold sea glass necklace in my video showcase below.

Why re purpose and reuse?


Repurposing an item or reusing it extends it's life and this reduces our waste, which is vital as climate change and mass consumption are threatening our planet. Our long term collection of natural resources and failure to replenish them or use more sustainable sources has left the environment at crisis point.


Major cities are suffering from dangerous air pollution levels, and the ice caps melt day by day, we are lurching ever closer to environmental disaster with the ill effects already apparent.


We can each do our part individually to make a positive impact on the environment and one area we can do that is by reusing and repurposing things instead of buying brand new and adding to consumption. Not only will it save you money, it's quite fun also, and the finished result of repurposed items is often more charming and original than anything you could hope to buy.


There are simple ways to reuse items, including using an existing plastic bag as a bin bag, repairing things instead of sending them to landfill or recyling (even recycling an environental impact itself), buying secondhand, or picking something up for free via Freecycle.


The amount of things that can be inventively repurposed is infinite, from furniture to clothes to using old car tyres as a foundation for a self build eco home.


Eco friendly resources


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