Schumer Breaks Twitter With Goldie Hawn


The other day I heard a rumour and boy did I like it. A distinct rumbling in Hollywood that Amy Schumer is set to star in a new road movie with Goldie Hawn. GOLDIE HAWN. Yep it's true, not just a rumour.


A road movie, egads! .... with Hollywood legend Goldie Hawn and one of my favourite modern comedic greats? They spoil us.


My biggest fear is of course that it's going to bomb, but Goldie Hawn is such a veteran I've never seen her bomb in anything once - I'm a huge fan of her unique comedic style, and Amy Schumer is talented enough to add her own immitable dry charm to this outstanding coupling.


The duo will form on stage as it were, as a mother daughter relationship, that I expect to be hilarious, utterly hilarious, though do fear I'm building up far too much excitement in my mind over this. And talking of 'form', I do believe they broke Twitter yesterday with their Beyonce Formation Parody video, which I am now off to watch and form (sorry) my own opinion on.


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And I just watched the video, oh do shut up Internet it's not racist you utter fools ... someone cannot dance a parody of another persons video without being racist now. You're all racist for even thinking it just because Beyonce is BLACK.


It's just a bit of total sillyness to fantastic song and video by an amazing artist, and I do admire their commitment to the correct dance moves, lol