Product Reviews For Gift Shopping

Product Reviews

For Gift Shopping


Hey guys, in February I showed you a screen grab of my product reviews from the customers over at my other sales platform (Etsy). Etsy is a fab marketplace used by many who appreciate handmade original designer maker products and so I sell regularly on there.


What is especially great about Etsy for buyers is that they get to read reviews, geniune reviews that cannot be edited or deleted by the seller, so you know they're an honest reflection of the standard of the products and the customer service on offer.


I promise that non of these reviews are solicited, to be honest I'm too frightened to contact customers and ask for reviews!


Below I've shown a selection of our most recent giftware / homeware / jewellery reviews from our lovely customers who are kind enough to take the time to leave them, and you can visit our Etsy page to read all 97 of them if interested enough :)

Gift shopping customer reviews