Personalised Hip Flask Gift For Him Or Her

Personalised Hip Flask Gift

For Him Or Her


I've been offering hip flasks for personal and gift purchase for many years now and have found them to be very popular (you boozy lot you!), however it's only recently that I've started to create personalied hip flask for gift purchase for him or her.


Due to their immense popularity my range of hip flasks has been steadily growing year on year and I don't feel that customers will become bored them any time soon. Indeed with gin enjoying a resurgence in popularity the number of people wanting a hip flask may well even grow.


Initially I found my glitter hip flasks were the most popular and they still are, however an interest is growing in the personalised nebula galaxy hip flasks.


I'm into creating product videos at the moment, and so below I've provided video footage of the nebula hip flask.


I've only just this week started creating product videos, and when I now compare them to static photos of the same products, I can really see why customers (apparently) like videos. It is indeed easier to view the product properly when it's angled about in the light, and this personalised hip flask certainly presents itself better and more accurately in video than it does it in it's photos.


Now you'd think with a personalised item you will be waiting an age for delivery, well with my hip flasks that is not the case at all.


Provided you can communicate to us at the time of order what your preferred personalised text is, and can respond quickly when we swiftly provide your visual mock up of the flask ... we can still get your flask out in the post within around 2 days. 


This is just our first personalised hip flask, however we have a Cactus hip flask at design stage, and I'm aiming to release that product as a personalised item also. 


Hip Flask Resources


Here I have compiled some hip flask recipes and etiquette links for you. Interestingly the cocktails link advises that some people find that putting anything citrus into the flask can bring out a metallic taste, so that's a useful tip amongst others.


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