Nebula Oh Nebula

Some time ago I spotted this amazing nebula cake, created by a very talented baker and blogger called Heather of Sprinkle Bakes. It really is a work of art and was inspired by the Hubble Space Telescope picture books, it features the most beautiful pink, blue and purple hues.


I’m especially happy that Heather is kind enough to allow people to showcase her nebula cake images with credit and so here they are in all their glory, a sight to behold I’m sure you agree. You can view the entire process and further impressive photos at the links above.

Nebula Galaxy Cake

Recently I was really pleased to be able to create my own ‘nebula food’, in the form of a nebula donut, however this one isn’t edible, it’s an adorable necklace I hope you like it!

Nebula Galaxy Donut Necklace Handmade

This (which you can purchase HERE) was created with the assistance of polymer clay ‘opal’ effects, which provides the shimmer when mixed in with the purple blue and pink. You can also insert a dash of gold glitter according to one of the galaxy clay tutorials I eagerly consumed, however I’m not convinced the gold glitter adds much to the effect.


You can control how bold or subtle you want the effect to be, I’ve gone for quite subtle as I saw similar galaxy shades elsewhere and wanted to emulate their more gentle tones.


Rather like Heather’s cake, it’s all about mixing the colours together without excessively blending them together, as we know what that gets us don’t we? BROWN.


Happy creating!