Mr and Mrs Wedding Gift Mugs And Ideas

Mr and Mrs Wedding Gift Mugs & Ideas


It's wedding season! It's getting distinctly warmer and brides and grooms countrywide have either already recently completed their nuptials or are eagerly awaiting their turn over the coming months.


But what to gift the bride and groom should you happen to be attending a wedding? Given that nowadays most people live together before getting married, toasters and other kitchenware that they definitely already have are rather passé, I'm sure you agree.


I've been drawing a range of product illustrations for a vastly growing collection of mugs over time and in general these have been pop culture mugs that typically depict my memories of classic and cult classic movies, music and books, simply because those are big interests of mine and I feel it's important to design what you love.


However it recently occured to me that I should perhaps broaden my illustrative and creative horizons to more diverse and generalised themes, and thus as Spring is well under way, I decided that my first new target was weddings.  


My debut more 'general themed' design is the Mr and Mrs mugs shown for you below; starring two rather dapper foxes dressed up for their wedding day. I think the bold use of black with dashes of red works well and I hope to see these being gifted to brides and grooms across the globe this spring and summer :)

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I did think about offering these as a 'Mr and Mr' and 'Mrs and Mrs' for same sex marriages but I think the concept doesn't work well as it would involve both partners having exactly the same mug design, which feels rubbish to me.


Methinks that for same sex marriages something else needs to be designed that works better and that still involves a difference between the two mugs, and perhaps that's my next illustrative task for wedding mugs.


More wedding gift ideas ...


1. Something off their registry! Listen to the bride and groom, they aren't making their desires up; if they have a gift registry use it, don't get them something else because you think you know better. Likewise, if they say for instance that they want a charitable donation rather than a gift, respectfully believe them and carry out those wishes.


2. His & Hers, Mr & Mrs, or Mr & Mr and Hers & Hers.  There are a whole bunch of things cutely monogramed with Mr & Mrs etc, in a wide variety of designs, including tasteful stylish designs. There are our Mr & Mrs wedding mugs of course but you can also easily find monogramed towels, bathrobes, cushions, coasters ... and you can even get it engraved onto things like forks!


3. Frame The Courtship. Have a really beautiful, cute or crazy photo of them that they don't know about or have forgotten about? Pick out the most gorgeous frame you can find, get the photo printed in high quality at the required size and gift it to them. Better still, if you're even remotely creative, make your own frame


4. The gift that keeps giving. Got plenty of cash to splash on a gift but not sure you want to gift them a gold plated expresso machine? Why not sign them up for a great start to married life by gifting them some classes you think they'll love doing together; dance lessons, cookery classes, tennis lessons, a mixology class ... upholstery instruction?! Be creative but bear in mind the activities they typically enjoy.


5. An upgrade. If you're close enough to the bride and groom to know exactly where they're booked for their honeymoon, why not delight them with a surprise upgrade on their honeymoon suite to something more lavish and romantic. This is the sort of gift a parent could arrange.


I'll never forget my sister doing this for me with my own honeymoon. My husband and I were young and although we had got married on a Caribbean beach, we could only afford a cheap b&b for our honeymoon evening ... and so she paid for us to spend the first evening in a lavish ocean front hotel room instead, it was the perfect gift.