Jewellery Excellence Amid Covid 19

Jewellery Excellence Amid Covid 19


In the wake of the global crisis created by Coronavirus, resulting in huge chunks of the world stuck in insolation and high streets closed down - online sales have of course increased.


But don't worry our standards of customer service as just as high as ever, and our jewellery dispatch timescales are as fast as they have ever been.

Our claim of most jewellery purchases going out into the post the next day is still accurate.


New Things!

Not only are we still offering outstanding customer service, we've also still found time to make you new items, including but not limited to the extremely relevant jewellery pieces launched this month and shown below.


Our core brand aims are to always be fast, efficient, offer great customer service and to be regularly bringing you new handmade jewellery to choose from.

Rainbow Necklace Covid Coronavirus Jewellery

Our rainbow necklace is inspired by the rainbows put up in windows across the country as

a representation of hope amid the Coronavirus crisis. This hammered piece is handmade from

sterling silver and is a great gift for friends and family. Spread hope, not viruses.


Stay Safe Jewellery, Stay Home Ring Miss You Gift

Stay home, stay safe. Our sterling silver ring is a reminder for all of us.

Completely handmade as is the vast majority of our stock, and with a sturdy yet comfortable sterling

silver band (1.5 mm thick) this Covid inspired ring is available in UK Sizes L - X.

How Do I Find Out My Ring Size?


We're often asked this, and I should imagine most people think they will need a ring sizer, but you know what, you really don't.


Thankfully some clever clogs has created an International ring size chart for us, allowing you to figure out exactly what ring size you are using a simple tape measure or ruler and a piece of string.


Visit for helpful charts, allowing you to more easily purchase the right ring size when buying online.