Jewellery Boxes Don't Have To Be Boring

This week, I had a random urge to develop new jewellery boxes, I think the urge had something to do with the imminent arrival of Valentines Day and perhaps the feeling that buyers could do with something 'cuter' to gift their jewellery in.


Our standard jewellery boxes are nice enough and certainly professional (and don't forget that all important eco-friendly facet to them to), but they're so serious. Valentines Day is seen as a bit of a silly tradition by many people, lets face it, it's a bit trashy isn't it ... red or pink cards, an array of ridiculous gifts, many of them tongue in cheek and raunchy. Valentines Day is about as kitsch as it gets when it comes to a gifting holiday.


I'm not panning Valentines Day, I love it, in the same way I love the trashy tacky nature of Christmas, and if I spot Christmas taking itself too seriously at any point, I march right out there to the shops and buy myself a cheap gold glitter stag for my fireplace, to put Christmas right back in it's tacky place. #truestory 


Ok, so these are our standard jewellery boxes below.


They're high quality, they're eco friendly which is important to me, but they feel  somewhat 'serious'. I decided that it would require the buyer to take that branded sleeve off and do something creative with the box for Valentines Day - a cute ribbon, a dash of glitter inside, etc etc.


But I also realised that not all buyers are creative.

Standard Jewellery Boxes

Gifting In Style


I felt that I should offer that creative and personal touch for creatively challenged buyers, in the form in a range of new optional gift boxes for jewellery. Valentines Day inspired me but I decided if I was going to create those I might as well create some boxes for birthday gifting also.


So whola, here they are below, and we got our first taker for one of them the very next day they went live.


Thankfully I didn't all day getting the template right, designing and printing the covers, hand making the boxes, taking the photos and making them available on around 50 product listings for nothing! It seems that they may well become popular with customers - phew.

Handmade Jewellery Boxes

Visit our jewellery ranges at Taylor Two where we offer these boxes with a limited

selection of jewellery pieces, or with all jewellery pieces over at our Etsy shop

Handmade Jewellery Boxes For Birthday and Valentines

There are four jewellery box options available initially for our matchbox style jewellery box range;

'Happy Birthday' in pink and blue, 'XOXO' for light hearted love (could also be used for friendship) and 'I Love U'