How To Revamp And Make New Cool Jewellery

How To Revamp And Make New Cool Jewellery


Do you ever feel like you really want some new cool jewellery but you're skint and can't afford any? Skint is the UK slang term for 'broke' if you're reading this from over the pond! Well why not deploy the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle to your jewellery stash?


If your purse strings are straining, but you still really want something new to wear, instead of buying jewellery this pay-day, make yourself some funky jewellery from the items you already own. It's just a matter of simply interchanging pieces or adding a bit of ribbon to transform something old into fresh jewellery, and I'm going to give you some ideas further below.


First of all, lets talk about the eco benefits of doing this. It's not only about saving money.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, reuse and recycle are three factors key for minimising our waste. We can't prevent waste completely but each person can contributing to minimising how many things we throw away, and how much new waste we create by continuously buying new items instead of revamping or repairing what we already have.

Reduce, reuse, recyle is referred to as the three R's. The three R's are part of our eco policy at Taylor Two.


Reduce – Reduce the amount of waste you generate. This is the absolute ideal over and above recycling, think before you buy and think about what you buy (and how much non recyclable packaging surrounds it). Also think before you throw away.

Reuse – Do you really need something new? Or can the existing thing be repaired or revamped in some way? This way you don't need to recycle it, as recycling isn't a perfect eco solution.

Recycle – If you must throw something away, can it be recycled? Recycling allows the materials to be used again in new products. Do note that recycling is not fully eco-friendly due to the environmental toll of the manufacturing required.



Cool Jewellery Making And Revamping Ideas


1. Simple minimalist chain – Sometimes when you're bored with a necklace, it's more the pendant you are sick of looking at, than anything else. What if I told you, you could take that pendant off and just wear the chain by itself?


What?! Just the chain only?! Of course yes, you've heard of minimalist jewellery have you not? Imagine your neck adorned with a single delicate chain, or collection of simple delicate chains worn together.


A single delicate gold or sterling silver chain is very fashionable and I wager that some of your pendants are sitting on rather nice chains.



2. Gothic Lolita chic

Go through the pendants you used to love but are now bored of. Now imagine that same pendant sitting on a black ribbon, lending the pendant a gothic charm, an entirely different vibe. It's as easy as finding some black ribbon, and sticking some Velcro to the rear with glue to bring this new piece of cool jewellery to life.



3. String a ring

Take your favourite chains, and pair them up with your favourite rings. Basically string a ring or two on to a complimentary chain, for that promise ring effect. You can wear a promise ring on a finger, but they can also be worn on a chain, and it doesn't matter if you aren't promised to anyone, just wear it for fashion!



4. Create something eclectic

Eclectic; deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.


Loosely interpreted, we're talking about having no set style for your new cool jewellery piece. Try randomly cutting off bits and bobs from all the jewellery you now hate so much you're quite happy to butcher, and randomly assemble it together even though the pieces do not match at all. This jewellery pin I believe shows you best how quirky and cool this can look.



5. Got hot glue?

If you have a hot glue gun, there is a hella lot of creative fun to be had with one of those bad boys, including creating new funky jewellery.


One great idea I also spotted on Pinterest, is to make an amazing cuff bracelet by using a piece of leather (cut up an old bag you have if you have to!), and hot glue gun an ensemble of gems to it from your collection of fashion jewellery that has had its run and you no longer care about.


Don't have a hot glue gun? Well get one, they're cheap and useful for all manner of things, visit eBay or Amazon for low-cost glue guns.


How to tie the cuff bracelet at the rear? You can either get fancy with a press stud tool (also not expensive or difficult), you can tie the rear together using leather string. Leather string is easy to create by cutting thin strips of leather.




Recycle Charity Shop Finds into Funky Jewellery


Who says you have to stick to what's in your own jewellery box only? If you visit your local charity shops you will find that most of them have oodles of jewellery as low as £2 an item.


Granted many items are ugly and out of fashion and that's why they've been dumped in a charity shop, but this is about applying imagination to tired old jewellery pieces. While rummaging you may find the right combination of parts to dismantle, reform, and create funky jewellery from.




Get a professional to revamp your jewellery


If budget is less of an issue, you have precious jewellery made from gold, silver and gemstones for instance, you can have it completely reformed into something totally different.


Sometimes you want to revamp your jewellery because it is out of fashion, or because you inherited it for instance and you just don't like it.


A professional jeweller can remodel and reform precious metals and gemstones into completely new pieces.


They can take six rings and make one new ring, they can take a ring and turn it into a necklace, or into earrings and so on. There really is no limit to what is achievable if you want to invest in a full rebuild of your jewellery pieces.

Flawless Jewellery have the most amazing examples of jewellery they have remodelled for customers.


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