Handmade Moon Jewellery The Lunar Collection

I've had my head down all year creating new handmade jewellery for the shop when I began to notice that quite a few recent pieces are 'moon' related. Whether moon shaped, themed or using rainbow moonstones with them.‚Äč


Not surprising because I've always loved nature, which includes the night sky and the moon within it.


I also love Shakira in her SheWolf video. That feels irrelevant but it's not if we're talking 'lunar activity' … “Ahhh wooo”. Give it a watch.


So I decided that I should gather all my handmade moon jewellery all together in what I call The Lunar Collection (below). Visit the Lunar Collection in store and select from (currently) seven moon related jewellery designs.

The Lunar Collection of Handmade Jewellery

And my moon obsession has manifested itself in more than jewellery form alone, as I've been drawing it this year too. Below is one of the postcards in my Empress Collection of art postcards.


I wonder what next will inspire me to draw and create?

Art Postcards Tarot The Empress