Goodbye Easter, Hello Birthdays

Goodbye Easter, Hello Birthdays


It's the last week of the school Easter holidays here and though I enjoy seeing my children more (hah), I'm looking forward to getting back to my usual working routine and the echoing walls of my empty home office. I mean it's empty right now, but I can hear my 15 year old cackling at a tv show in the next room, and her chit chat about some boy she's interested in has just sucked up an hour of my life.


I had a week at the good old British sea side last week, which was hugely needed and immensely appreciated. Though I was 100% relaxing I promise, I did spend some of my time drawing up new ideas for the gift shop. I now have a sizeable catalogue of gift ideas designs sketched and ready to draw - I just need about 20 hours free to get it done before it can all go to print :D


Easter is over but it's gift giving season still, I mean does it ever end? Of course it doesn't, we've still got all of the birthday gifts for the rest of the year ahead of us, Mother's Day in the USA on the 14th May, and before we know it, it will be Christmas gift season again.


What we all really need, is the gift of time. I'd recommend you tootle yourself over to 'My Tips For Buying 15 Kickass Gifts In One Hour' if you want to save yourself some serious time this Christmas gift shopping season.

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