Copper Jewellery A Beautiful Alternative

Copper Jewellery

A Beautiful Alternative


Why all the fuss over (more expensive) silver and gold, when copper is so beautiful?


Silver and gold jewellery has always been in demand and for good reason, but copper jewellery pieces are also created and sold worldwide and certainly in handmade jewellery designer circles. Copper is a soft metal and has a beautiful warm hue perfect for wearing as a necklace, a ring or a bracelet for instance.


Recently I've been creating a swathe of copper jewellery because copper really is a beautiful metal and you know what, it's massively in fashion right now too. Not just in terms of jewellery but I've seen copper stationery and more hitting the high street this year. Many retailers have copper fever it seems.


The pieces hitting our online gift shop include copper jewellery that has been combined with smooth and rough gemstones and also copper only jewellery, such as our copper Aztec vibe bracelet shown below along with one of our other recent sea glass pieces.


Our sea glass necklace pieces (fantastic for a beach holiday!) also come combined with solid .925 sterling silver.

Copper necklace
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Copper necklace
Copper and sea glass necklace

Pure copper is the third most recycled metal after iron and aluminium; over 80% of the copper minded since it was first discovered in is still in use today - therefore as a jewellery component it offers major bonus points for being eco friendly.


About two thirds of the copper on earth is found in volcanic rock, is highly malleable and was the first metal to be manipulated by humans. Copper is also the only metal on the periodic table that isn't naturally grey or silver. 


Aside from the eco benefits, another bonus of purchasing copper jewellery is that copper has antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria, viruses and yeasts on contact, making it a superb choice for regular skin contact.


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