Beyonce, I Just Can't Slay Today

Inspiration is a funny old thing. I was lying in bed watching music videos on YouTube with a glass of wine in hand, and was for the gazzionth time enjoying Beyonce's Formation music video, which is the bomb. Queen Bey was belting out 'I slay, I SLAY, I S L A Y' when I suddenly though to myself, well that's all well and good Beyonce but sometimes you know, I just can't slay.


I hasten to add that this is no disrespect to the notion of 'slaying', I'm a hard core Beyonce fan and that woman has got my mindset out a sticky situation many a time, she's right, we should slay, we DO slay.


But sometimes, you know you don't really feel like slaying, you're just worn, you're broken, you'll slay tomorrow maybe. You promise.


So the very next day I created this beauty, which I for one, will be wearing with pride for sure. Most days I can slay though, I hasten to add.

I'll probably be wearing this badge on my pinafore dress, pin badges go so well with it. Here I am wearing my The Lost Boys pin badge on a lazy Sunday afternoon in the pub.