Beyonce I Can't Slay Today

Beyonce, I love you, you're amazing, but sometimes we just can't SLAY, not every day anyway.


This week I spotted an interesting blog post from local blogger Brummy Mummy of 2, who in the wake of Beyonce's photo announcement of the birth of her twins, pointed out how glossily presented Beyonce's life is - and how she'd like to see more of those 'really not slaying it at all' moments. For Bey to be more real, and more representative of the average mother.


While I understood fully the sentiments behind the blog my wind bag response was this;


"I adore Beyonce, she inspires me, the world would be a poorer place without her, but I just had to say it (referencing the I Can't Slay Today design); hey Bey, I can't slay sometimes, I just can't. 

The thing is, I'm giving her a break about all of her glossy advertisements for her wonderful life because we all know she also can't slay sometimes too, we just don't get to see those bits, I mean do WE advertise our 'can't slay' moments? No, we don't on the whole.

Most people are advertising the same old glossy life all over their social media and so why should she be more special than we are in terms of her transparency about her life, and start showing the vomit covered clothes and crying over the cot when the baby won't sleep?

At the end of the day she deserves a private life too, and what we see is really just public relations. I'm happy with that because somehow through all the gloss, you still get a vibe of the fact that life is not any easier for her than anyone else, and her gift to us is that she inspires us all to find the strength to cope in those moments when we feel weak."



I also pointed out in great excitment that her blog theme was indeed the embodiment of the inspiration behind my 'I Can't Slay Today' motif, which is available in the shop on a badge and a bottle opener.


I hope you enjoy my Beyonce bottle opener video showcase below. I felt the motif was perfect acommanment for beer. I should perhaps put it onto a hip flask too - for those 'I seriously can't slay today' days?