Adjustable Wraparound Rings For Jewellery

Since launching a handmade jewellery range I've observed that rings in particular are a popular item of jewellery compared to necklaces for instance. What is the particular allure of rings over and above other jewellery adornment I wonder?


Perhaps one reason is that hands are constantly profferred forward compared to the rest of the body and as such more visible and hence people choose to adorn this highly visible area more than anywhere else. It's as good a theory as any other.


One downside of many rings is their requirement to fit the wearer precisely, too lose and it falls off and a valuable piece could be lost for ever, too tight and you're not even going to get it on. However the rings I've been creating are adjustable wraparound rings, which might account for their popularity, given that this dispells the need to find out your size and worry if it fits; especially when ordering online.


People now make over 50% of their shopping purchases online. No one likes to have to return items even if the return is free, due to the amount of hassle and extra waiting involved, and so any jewellery piece that pretty much guarantees to fit is going to be a winner. 


For instance the sterling silver adjustable wraparound ring shown below is a very popular item in the Taylor Two gift shop. Handmade from 925 sterling silver wire by myself, has a bit of an aztec vibe, and sits well on a range of different fingers.

Adjustable Wraparound Sterling Silver Ring

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The History Of Rings

Jewellery has a long and rich history, and jewellery made from shells and bones have been found from as far back as prehistoric times.


Learning how to manipulate and work with metals revolutionised jewellery in ancient times and metalworking became more sophisticated and in turn the decoration of each piece.


A ring is a round band, typically made of metal (though plastic acrylic rings are also in fashion), and worn on a finger, or toe. For practical reasons most people stick to finger rings on the whole, and these can be set with gemstones such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires or the equally popular semi precious gemstones such as Herkimer diamonds, amber, amethyst and so on.


Though all rings are in essence a band around the finger, they do actually come in a wide range of styles that are worth getting to know if you like to wear rings - knowing the correct terms for a given style will make it easier for to you to find rings of interest.


Wikipedia's Ring (Jewellery) page offers a comprehensive list of these styles including Doctoral, Claddagh, Posie, Watch and more and includes a photo of each style.


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