8 Of The Best Unique Silver Rings

8 Of The Best Unique Silver Rings


What sort of silver rings do we want? Unique silver rings. When do we want them? Now!


We all love a bit of minimalism in our jewellery, and the oh so simple silver band, or plain gemstone inset ring, are always popular, but sometimes you just want something a bit quirky and unique.


We've found some of the most interesting and unique silver rings available to buy online today. By silver we mean they're silver plated, or 925 sterling silver - either way, they're beyond your run of the mill silver ring.



1. Country map sterling silver ring

Feeling patriotic? If so this chunky 925 sterling silver custom country map ring is for you. Made by South African based handmade jewellery seller Lola & Cash, this ring is available in any country of your choice.


Lola & Cash describe themselves as artisans who create handmade silver jewellery that is playful, curious and imaginative. That includes this piece along with other unique silver rings within their range.

Country map sterling silver ring

2. Leather and sterling silver ring

We've never seen leather combined with sterling silver in this way. A very unique ring that would look fantastic on a man.


Dark brown leather is combined with 925 silver to create a contemporary silver jewellery piece available in a range of sizes. Hand crafted by jewellery designer Leslie Granthon, and available for $94.99



3. Katie Stone rings

We may have found the Mecca of unique silver rings when we stumbled across the works of Katie Stone. In her online shop you'll find a dazzling array of nature themed rings, including a honeycomb ring, fox ring, sheep ring, chook ring, and many more.


Katie Stone is a jewellery designer based in Birmingham (wow, so are we!), and has crafted handmade jewellery since 2005. Her expansive jewellery collections encompass themes such as Farmyard, Garden, Sealife, and Bees.

Honeycomb ring by Katie Stone


4. Concrete pattern adjustable ring

This genuine concrete pattern sterling silver ring is handmade by yours truly at Taylor Two. That's how we know the pattern is genuine.


By genuine we mean that it was actually hammered out on stone, whereas as the few concrete pattern rings available seem as though they were patterned with a template rather than real stone. We can tell because the pattern is too evenly repeating.

Made of sterling silver, this ring is open at the rear, making it adjustable for different finger sizes, and is great for people who have fingers with a tendency to swell.

Concrete pattern sterling silver ring for men or women


5. Gothic fairytale rings

Based in Indonesia, Black Tree Lab make a range of what I'd describe as Gothic fairytale style rings. Handmade from sterling silver and semi precious gemstones, each ring is often oxidised. oxidation of silver gives it a darkened patina that many people love.

These incredibly unique silver rings are just stunning and made by Russian designer and jeweler Dmitry Kuzin , but I'm afraid with the price tag to match. They do seem fantastic value for money however, as they are unique, and very detailed.


Gemstones used within their range include moonstone, aquamarine, fire opal, topaz and labradorite. The gemstone setting within their rings reminds me of a dragons eye.



6. Laura Berrutti rings

Laura makes some very interesting rings, that remind me of the modernist jewellery movement of the 50's and 60's. Certainly what we would describe as contemporary pieces.


Not all of them seem overly wearable, with comfort seemingly not totally at the forefront of the designer's mind when creating them. Many of them I would classify as statement pieces.


If you're looking for unique silver rings and want something that you most likely have not seen the like of anywhere else, you should check out her range.


Many of Laura's geometric minimalist pieces also incorporate gold and gemstones.



7. Owl ring

This high quality sterling silver ring from Russian Etsy seller Organic Jewelry Craft is immaculately handmade. A engraved piece, it uses oxidised sterling silver to achieve this two-tone look.


It's not the only unique ring in their range, most of their items are interesting pieces, and they even offer to create custom pieces using your own sketches.

Owl ring in sterling silver engraved

8. When unique is on acid

These rings are unique for sure, if you define using a real tooth instead of a gemstone unique. Egads! Enter the world of Polly Van Der Glas , who enjoys using teeth, and hair in her pieces.


Polly works from her studio in Melbourne using precious metals and real human hair, fingernails and teeth, which she files shapes and sterilises before incorporating into her collection.

Unique silver rings from real hair and teeth