8 Nauseatingly Cute Valentines Ideas

Strap on your Ann Summers fur lined cuffs and hold onto your seats, it's nearly Valentines Day and you've got two choices of Valentines Day style poison; cute or sexy.


OR maybe you can be a bit of both? Either way lets focus on 'cute' in this guide, and if you can't be stomach churningly cute on Valentines Day, when can you? Never I hear you say. Ssssh!


Let's hit you with the saccharin ideas;


1. Heart Shaped Toast. Start as you mean to go on with Valentines Day cuteness from the get go; start their day off with breakfast in bed, and make sure you don't forget the heart shaped toast.


2. 50 Shades Of Saccharin. Now if you're feeling up to a time intensive task, why not recreate this 52 Things I Love About You Book, or if you're a saucy minx you can title it 50 Shades Of Love and lean more in that sexy direction.


3. Stalker Vibe.  If you want that 'I'm SOOOO into you' stalker vibe for the day, why not float balloons on their bed, with cute weighed notes attached to each. If they look happy enough on discovery you might get away with throwing them onto the bed.

Valentines Helium Balloons on a bed
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4. Baking Queen? The Great British Bake Off got nothing on you? If so it should be a cinch for you to whip up this sugary sweet cake for your beau to simultaneously munch on and be impressed by. Either use your names, or put YOU on one side, and ME on the other.


5. Dedicated To Love. If you're out on a date, impress (or worry) your other half with your dedication to this adorable commercial holiday by painting your nails with Valentines hearts. If you want to ramp up cute to psychotic, why not paint your initials/names in there. A + B sittin' in a tree, K I S S I N G.


6. Love Letters In Style. These origami love letters look easy peesy and are incredibly sweet and whimsical. Take sweet to impressive in an instant by tucking event tickets into one of your love letters.

Love Letters Origami Style Tutorial


7. Cojoined. Teeth starting to hurt from all the sugar? You haven't seen anything yet, check out these Valentines themed couple t-shirts, and you're just a quick Google search away from many other choices.


8. Bouquets Like No Other. We'll bring you down from your sugary high with something more savoury. Show you pay attention to what your other half REALLY likes by giving them a bouquet of their favourite things rather than cliched flowersThere are people out there who have created the most fantastic meat bouquets. It could be anything really though ... sweets, fabric, spanners?!