7 Best Black Lives Matter Gifts

7 Best Black Lives Matter Gifts


Most of the BLM (Black Lives Matter) accessories and gifts out there, for want of more tactful wording … are generic, speedily churned out tat.


Indeed there are so many similar looking black lives matter t-shirts for instance, it's staggering.


But never fear, we've pulled together some totally cool, original and well made black lives matter gifts and accessories for you! It took some major hours of digging, but we managed it.


Why only 7?


After hours of searching I have found that sadly the vast majority of BLM products are hastily churned out generic items printed on demand via Redbubble, Spreadshirt and such like. IE they don't exist as a product - unless you buy them and then they are printed by a third party before being posted to you.


These sellers hope to make a fast buck off a trending topic while entertaining absolutely no commitment or risk in creating a actual physical product.


I'd rather we support independent sellers who committed to the Black Lives Matter movement sufficient to expend their time and energy in creating something that is real, that exists as a physical product, and that took them longer than 10 minutes to design and upload to a print on demand provider.


Sadly even 'handmade' marketplace Etsy is rammed to the rafters with sellers uploading up images of print on demand Black Lives Matter gifts.


But a model is wearing it, it's printed already surely?


You may think the T-shirt is already printed as it's shown on a model … but those model images are provided by the print on demand company, who use clever design software to make any uploaded design appear as though they are actually on the t shirt worn by the model.

Don't believe me? Visit Spreadshirt and upload any image, and watch it appear on a T-shirt worn by a model, by several different models in fact.


If Black Lives REALLY mattered to you as an individual, as a business, as retailer - you'd make a real physical product (not print on demand) because you'd view Black Lives Matter as more important than just a trending topic.

Ranting aside, below are our 7 Black Lives Matter finds!



1. Black Lives Matter Floral Necklace


This unique high quality necklace is illustrated and handmade by Maria Confer. Made from light weight plastic, and comes with a gold tone daisy charm

Black Lives Matter Necklace


2. Black Lives Matter Sterling Silver Pin


Yes of course Taylor Two is on the list! We have handmade a beautifully high quality Black Lives Matter pin badge in sterling silver, which looks fabulous on a jacket, bag etc.


The back is secured with a locking pin, because we know you don't want a sterling silver pin falling off.

Black Lives Matter Pin Badge

3. Black Lives Matter Iron On Patch


This iron on Black Lives Matter patch is simple and high quality and will look fabulous on a jacket, preferably a military jacket because they always look fantastic with fabric patches.


If not, denim looks pretty cool with patches on too, or badges, see exhibit A above with the Black Lives Matter pin.


Bonus points for no sewing needed.

4. Black Lives Matter John Boyega Print


We all got the feels when we saw John Boyega of Star Wars fame (and Attack the Block!) out there standing for what he believes in. Talented Etsy artist Black Sheep Rebellion has captured this emotional moment, and made it available as a print.

John Boyega Black Lives Matter Art Print

5. Black Lives Matter Resist Fabric


Yes, I understand that this is not such much an gift or product, as a craft making supply … hence requiring you to hand make your own accessory.


I had to list it because this Black Lives Matter fabric pattern design by Land Penguin on Spoonflower is fantastic and plenty of people enjoy sewing. Cool things you could make with this include a face mask, t shirt, bandana, handbag (if you're an advanced seamstress!)


There are so few people making Black Lives Matter gifts and accessories, but you could become one of them.

Black Lives Matter Fabric

6. Black Lives Matter Gold Earrings


Wowsers these Black Lives Matter stamped earrings are gorgeous from Etsy seller Laka Luka.

They are CRAZY large, a real statement piece. If you're looking for an amazing photography prop, this could be it. The rest of Laka Luka's shop is filled with equally bold and daring jewellery pieces, very talented indeed.

Black Lives Matter Earrings

7. Black Lives Matter Paper Art


These entwined paper cut hands are lovely. They're cut out using a surgery blade and sold as home décor by Etsy seller Papercut Delights, you receive the pair shown.

Black Lives Matter Paper Cut Hands Home Decor

If you want to know more about the Black Lives Matters movement, Oxfam >> have offered some useful links to Black Lives Matter educational resources - including books, documentaries and podcasts.