5 Tired Cliched Valentines Ideas To Avoid

Valentines Day has been around for a such a long time that there are certain gift and experience ideas that are so worn out that we really should be avoiding them now, like for at least a decade.


What partner wants a tired cliché as a gift or Valentines Day outing? I know I don't, I want to be treated like an individual, as if my partner is geniunely interested in what appeals to me and turns me on.


Do your partner a favour this year and skip the clichés, such as this list of worn out tired Valentines Day gift and experience ideas, followed up by some new inspiration for you.


1. Flowers. A bunch of petals and leaves that die about a week from now, taking any hope of originality to the grave with them also.


2. Chocolates. Nothing says lazy like a box of Valentines chocolates (except for flowers maybe). I don't care how fancy they are or how many Valentines hearts adorn them, they'll need to be dipped in gold and diamond clustered to be special enough to make up for their lack of emotional dimension.


3. Going Out For A Meal.  I don't know about you but nothing romances me faster than sitting too close to other couples while eating a meal that has been prepared by a hurried chef, and delivered by waiting staff so rushed they have forgotten your second drinks order, after waiting at a bar for 30 minutes or more before being seated.

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4. Lingerie. A terrible cliché , but actually I like this one - anything that can help breath life back into tired relationships has got to be a good thing. Read "5 Solid Reasons Men Should Relent To Valentines Day Pressure". Please, PLEASE just get the size right, and resist joke underwear or anything that even a tuppenny hooker would feel uncomfortable in.


5. A Rom Com Movie. Watching other people romance each other while you stare lifelessly at a screen ignoring each other, with perhaps if you're lucky, the odd neck carress. Not an entirely bad Valentines Day activity, but is it really any more novel an activity than the rom com movies you probably sit watching together all year round anyway? I think you can do better. Lets ace Valentines Day this year, lets be fresher.



Fresh Valentines Day Ideas!


Well, it's all very well and good throwing out the clichés and lambasting them with your droll sarcasm, but have you got any better ideas? I think I yes may have some different ideas, check these out. I make no apology for any offbeat suggestions.


Tent date:  Build a fairy light lit indoor Bedouin style tent for the ultimate play date. No phones. Line the floor with nibbles and drinks, crank up the music, sit in your clichéd Valentine's lingerie, and chat away like you're actually still interested in each other.


Sexy date: Attend a burlesque show. They've been growing in popularity for some time and you may be able to find a Valentines show running on the night in question, and within reasonable proximity (or if not, make a special night away of it).


If you've never attended a Burlesque performance before, rest assured that shows aren't tacky strip fests - routines are typically beautiful, tasteful and creative and often comical to boot.


It's a fantastic night out, and if you're lucky maybe one or both of you will be inspired and treat the other to a sexy dance later on ... though the thought of my man prancing around the bedroom attempting a seductive feather dance, doesn't really appeal to me.


Make like teenagers: Have a very adult meal if you can stand the crowds, (ideally a walk away from home) and on the way home stop off in your local play park to play on the swings, drink from a bottle of cider and stare up at the stars. If you happen to have nookie in the bushes, well, I think you just made your man's year ...