5 Best Online Romance Gift Shops

5 Best Online Romance Gift Shops


Did you know that if you put 'romance gift shop' into Google you just get page upon page of florists? Is this really the best of global imagination when it comes to romance and romantic gifts?

“Here love, I've bought you flowers, don't say I never get you anything”.


I've put the hard word in so that you don't have to and have dug out gift shops that stock a notable range of romantic gifts for Valentines day, anniversaries, and sometimes just because you're a soppy romantic.


1. Literary Emporium

Is there anything more romantic than prose? The written word, the gilded tongue of a literary genius? I'm romanticising it of course but literature has definitely gifted us with the most poignant and sometimes romantic phrases and quotes spanning over hundreds of years.


The Literary emporium offers us jewellery, stationery and gifts themed around classic literature of yesteryear and sell items such as their Once Upon a Time book necklace and Nevermore Poem (Edgar Allen Poe) pin badge.



The Literary Emporium


2. Send Nod. A Message In a Bottle

A delightfully affordable and unique gift guaranteed to put a bit smile on the face of your gift recipient. This romance gift shop offers to send out your specified message in a teeny tiny bottle.


All NOD offers are messages in bottles, an incredibly simple service, for the fantastic price of £3.99. Of course you could always nick this idea and send your own but I doubt you'd pull in the entire cute looking shebang for anything less than £3.99 anyway.


What I like about this gift in particular is that it should fit through a post box, meaning no pesky missed deliveries when you're trying to get it there for a birthday, anniversary or Valentines day.



Send Nod Message In A Bottle

3. Flytrap

Flytrap offer a range of well thought out boxed sets of cards, providing the purchaser with a neat and well designed package of ideas or coupons for date night, sexy nights, kinky ideas, romance ideas and more.


Flytrap have come up with a really original and affordable gifting concept and have a large range to select from that has made this romance gift shop a runaway Etsy success.



Fly Trap Romance Night Cards

4. Taylor Two

Yes I've included Taylor Two in t his list because I believe we have one of THE most romantic gifts out there on the marketplace today.


Presenting our 'You're My Needle' (In the haystack) handmade sterling silver necklace. We offer many handmade jewellery pieces on in our online shop, but when it comes to finding jewellery that is specifically romantic, I really feel this piece is unique and with a beautiful sentiment.



Romantic Necklace Gift For Her

Below our Labyrinth movie inspired handmade necklace is one of our best sellers, and incredibly romantic.  Made from copper with a sterling silver crescent moon and sterling chain.

David Bowie Necklace Romantic Lyrics Inspired

5. My Boudoir

The ultimate in exotic sexy gift giving, My Boudoir offer their customers amazing room sets and costuming to facilitate the very highest quality of pin-up style portrait photography.


With a distinctly vintage leaning some of the room sets feature 1950's TVs, furniture and more, and My Boudoir also specialise in mermaid photography. Prices start at £350 but I assure you, you do get what you pay for.





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