Herkimer Diamond and Citrine Earrings

These citrine gemstone drop earrings are beautifully accented with genuine Herkimer diamond stones. Our earring model is a cardboard cut out.

Herkimer diamonds are incredibly clear semi precious quartz gemstones, fondly termed 'diamonds' due to their clarity but are quartz not diamond. Do expect slight variations between them and natural inclusions with all of your gemstones, as each gemstone is unique and natural.

Your handmade piece is wire wrapped with solid 925 sterling silver, including the earring hooks which have a 0.8mm diameter.

* Metal - solid .925 sterling silver throughout.
* Gift box - Eco friendly kraft card gift box.
* Citrine drop height - approx 1cm
* Herkimer diamonds - approx 3mm x 5mm

So that any potential gift recipient will know which stones make up their jewellery piece, we pop a handy informative insert into the gift box for you.

Citrine is a November birthstone, making this a great gift for Scorpios.